Conflux eSpace Super Week, join us to share the $38000 prize pool

Multichain Cross-Chain Event Session 2

Multichain X Conflux Network X Swappi X Turbostarter

April 12th — 16th

We are so glad to have Conflux eSpace with us in our cross-chain mega event session 2!

🚀🚀🚀Conflux eSpace, the “EVM-compatible space” in Conflux.

Conflux introduced this new subsystem in Feb 2022. With eSpace, migration to Conflux is effortless. As a user, you can continue using your Metamask wallet. As a developer, you can keep using your usual dev tooling and effortlessly deploy on Conflux. Here you can learn more about Conflux eSpace.

Conflux is going to expand its eSpace by launching new projects every two weeks. In our second session, Multichain and Conflux will jointly highlight two projects launched on eSpace: eSpace’s first DEX Swappi and eSpace’s first launchpad Turbostarter.

150 NFTs (jointly designed by Multichain X Conflux X Swappi X Turbostarter) are going to be released to cross-chain users. NFT holders will share the $38,000 prize pool. YOU DON’T WANNA MISS IT!

Win a total prize pool of $38000, made up of $5000 CFX, $3000 PPI and 150 special Turbostarter NFT (approx. $200 each)!

🎁 Grand prize: $800, 1Person

🥇 First prize: $1200 (shared by 4 persons)

🥈 Second prize: $2000 (shared by 15 persons)

🥉 Third Prize: $2000 (shared by 50 persons)

4️⃣ Forth Prize: $2000 (shared by 80 persons)

How to join?

🔥🔥🔥 The more tasks you complete, the more chances you will get NFT

Task 1 — Bridge assets to Conflux via Multichain


  • 4 designated chains: Ethereum/BNB/Fantom/Avalanche
  • 9 designated tokens: DAI/USDC/USDT/ETH/WBTC/CFX/KCS/ZB/MULTI

What will you get? (a total of 70 NFT)

  • Random airdrop (30 NFT): Single cross-chain above 40U will have a chance to get one NFT
  • Targeted airdrop (40 NFT): Single cross-chain over 1000U will get one NFT

🔥🔥🔥What’s else? MORE rewards provided by Swappi and Turbostarter are on the way.

Task 2 — Farming on Swappi

Swappi is the leading decentralized exchange on Conflux eSpace and helps you make the most of your crypto in three ways: Swap, Stake & Earn, and Win.

Swappi opened CFX-stable pools.


Provide liquidity to Pools and stake LP tokens to farming. Top 40 LPs by amount will receive NFT.

Note: Eligible winners have to be the ones who complete the first cross-chain task.

Task — 3 Stake CFTX/ZB/MULTI at Turbostarter

Stake over 1000U CFX/ZB/MULTI on Top 40 stakers will receive NFT.

Note: Eligible winners have to be the ones who complete the first cross-chain task. Assets have to be staking during the event.

More incentives for NFT holders!

NFT holders will have the opportunity to receive all future airdrops and other incentives offered by Conflux, Swappi, Turbostarter and Multichain. Go get this NFT now!

About Multichain:

Multichain was born as Anyswap on the 20th July 2020 to service the clear needs of different and diverse blockchains to communicate with each other. The solutions developed by Multichain allow almost all blockchains to inter-operate. Multichain is now the leader in the cross-chain field, with a rapidly expanding family of chains (currently 42) and daily volumes well in excess of $100 million ( Its sustained daily volume of more than $200 million, its Total Value Locked in excess of $6 billion and its thousands of daily users are testament to its popularity and security.

About Conflux Network:

Conflux is a permissionless Layer 1 public blockchain connecting decentralized economies across borders and protocols. Fast, scalable, and solidity compatible, with zero congestion and low fees, Conflux is transforming how the world transacts and leading the transformation to a sustainable, borderless economy.

As the only regulatory compliant, public, and permissionless blockchain in China, Conflux provides a unique advantage for projects building and expanding into Asia. Conflux aims to connect decentralized economies to strengthen the overall DeFi ecosystem globally.

To learn more about Conflux, visit

About Swappi:

Swappi is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) based decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed on the Conflux network, allowing Conflux users to have a new venue to swap, stake, and earn yields on their crypto assets.

Swappi is the very first DEX to launch on eSpace, an EVM-compatible smart contract execution environment that allows developers to deploy and execute Ethereum-native dApps and smart contracts within the Conflux ecosystem. As an AMM-based DEX, Swappi lets users trade in a fully decentralized environment without registering or creating an account, enabling anyone to start trading within seconds.

By deploying on Conflux, a permissionless layer 1 blockchain with significantly lower transaction costs than other chains like Ethereum or Bitcoin makes Swappi an ideal place for trades and earn.

About Turbostarter:

TurboStarter is a new multi-chain LaunchPad that provides a one-stop solution for innovative projects wanting to launch on all major blockchains and popular CEX smart chains. The platform enables participating projects with multi-chain access that offers flexible distribution models to tokens & NFTs, allowing teams to raise funds for their projects in an efficient, secure, and user-friendly manner. This new approach significantly improves project launch efficacy while also providing flexible distribution options with fairness and efficiency.

Follow TurboStarter on:





Special thanks to Galaxy.



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Multichain (Previously Anyswap)

Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), an infrastructure for cross-chain interoperability, envisioned to be the ultimate router for Web3